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Social Media a Pain?

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Computers and the Internet have been a part of half my life. Teaching both adults and teens various programs and techniques has been my passion. Being creative just enhances my love and fascination with all things Internet and Social Media related. From developing grade books for middle school teachers to writing an HTML workbook for online technical students, I have experienced technological creativity that has stretched my mind. Now that I am retired, I want to pass some of my knowledge on to you, so you, too, can be successful in your chosen area of the web we weave.

Of course, I cannot cover everything in one blog or in one Coffee Chat, so I have broken the content into mini chunks of information. I will touch on Pinterest first. Tailwinds, Canva, IG, Twitter, Facebook, and other topics are in the pipeline. In Coffee Chats, I will touch on “The Pinterest Stream,” “Using Hashtags,” “Growing your Email List” and more. In the eArticle, these and more topics will be discussed in depth. If you are struggling with Social Media use in your business, then the eArticle is for you!

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· Pinterest is the VISUAL search engine on the Internet

· It is not a social platform.

· Pinterest relies on keywords that in turn make Google look at your information.

· Pinterest rewards consistency to showcase your work.


MAXIMIZE your Pinterest efforts:

· Categorizing your boards will make it easier for users to find your pins. This results in increased engagement, and you may even score a few loyal followers.

· Find popular group boards and pin from them to increase your traffic.

· Add your logo to the bottom of all your images. And don’t forget to include your web URL.

· Use a few hashtags in your description.

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I anticipate having information about the Graphic Programs that I have found extremely useful. Is that something you are interested in? Send me an email: I have set up this email just for my Social Media attendees. Please feel free to contact me.


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