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Help! How do I....?

Updated: Feb 14

Ready to throw up your arms and quit this online stuff?

Could you use a shot in the arm?

Need some help with Pinterest?

Frustrated with not having terrific, eye-catching graphics to advertise your parties, new items, sales?

Tired of spending money on worthless hyped up promises?

Yeah. I was too. I read, watched, experimented for HOURS. I am determined that YOU will NOT have to waste dozens of hours nor lots of money. For the wasted hours, I could have been perfecting my Pinterest posts and writing blogs. Rather, you can find help here and immediately put your ideas to work.

There will be informative videos, files, private web pages, business tips, technology ideas, and resource links. Ask technical questions that you cannot ask somewhere else. This membership will allow you to ask (1) How do I post a picture from my computer to Pinterest? (2) What do I need to my write with my Instagram post? How do I make Facebook work for me?

What are you having problems with? What is something you don’t know how to do? Don’t be bashful; no doubt someone else has the same question.

This site is meant to be very interactive with YOU participating also. Jump into the discussions when someone asks a question that relates to your expertise. Please!

Thanks for being patient as I develop this for you.


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